Wednesday, March 5

Clean Cleaner

If you've read my blog last December, I did some decluttering and cleaning activities at home; and I swore to maintain the order as often as I could. Maintenance, that's the operative word. hehe.

Fast forward 2 months later, we still haven't found a helper. We're still looking though, but we can get really picky at it because there are lessons learned and we cannot just ignore that. Anyhow, so with this situation and the so-called "maintenance" at home, I dust the house and clean the floor everyday, which is also a good exercise for me while waiting on the food or rice to cook or while waiting on my in-law who watches over my youngest when I work (thank goodness for kind people!).

To cut to the chase, in cleaning, I always have this spray tool with me and ensure that I mix bleach with it. Unlike probably everyone, I love the smell of bleach. Honestly. But my kids hate it.

So I've been thinking for days of making my very own homemade cleaner  that is not only natural and green but also saves a lot of money. :) So, after researching on the internet and customizing the cleaner recipe I've found, I was able to mix the following ingredients:

1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp dish soap
1 tbsp baking soda
2 cups water

and tsaraan, homemade cleaner, (there) it is! wiiii! :)

Sunday, March 2


I am a working mother of two. So without a helper, I'd be a wreck if I don't get my act together and work with what I have. it is most challenging when my parents are not around because that means I may have to cook the entire week to ensure there is food on the table regardless of whether where I am. 

So last week was a challenge; but I'm making a difference this week (because I know it's going to get really busy at work and at school (daughter's)). Why, I cooked all meals of the week half-day Sunday! hihi. (I'm actually giving myself a pat on the back right now. lol!) Doing this doesn't only give me a little peace of mind but also will save us money! Not bad for my #70/30 project (which deserves another blog entry. Soon.) ;)

I commit myself by declaring it simply by tidying the fridge and preparing these containers the night before. Yes, I love labels! hihi.

Started cooking at around 9am while doing some cleaning and taking care of the kids on the side, and finished at around 2pm. That's 5 different kinds of meals all in all. Not bad. Really. Have to convince myself. lol!

Here's to being proactive and being just plain mommy! :) Have a good week, y'all! :)


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